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 The diary

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PostSubject: The diary   The diary Icon_minitimeWed Dec 19, 2007 4:17 pm

Here is the first part of my fanfiction The diary. Hope you like it. Feel free to comment as much as you want.

The diary,
Everything where as usual in New York City. People where talking about Christmas Eve in their cellar phones while they where queuing for the hottest new toy for their sons and daughters. In their minds they where planning for the best Christmas ever. Their sons and daughters would sit in front of their fires with a happy and somewhat satisfied smile on their face while they where playing with their latest toys. While the children where playing the fathers and mothers would sit their watching them. At the same time in another part of the town a girl where sitting on her own on one of the rooftops. He legs hung dangerously down the side of the house she where sitting on. But she did not care about that, because she knew that if she would fall it all would be over for her. And she also knew that this where the only place that she could be really alone since the lair where far occupied by the brothers and her apartment where looked at by the foot.

Her hands where shaking as she tried to write in a book that she where having in her lap. Her diary, It was the most important thing for her at this point. A small tear where running down her cheek as she tried to move some of her black hair out of her face. For a second she looked down at her own thoughts and started to read it for herself.

“Oh my gosh I really miss my family. Why did they have to despise me like that, because of my dreams? I only wanted them to know and now they don’t even want to talk to me. I have tried to phone them but they won’t answer, I have emailed them but haven’t got any answer and I even send them a letter but no answer. I do not know what to do anymore. Of course I have the turtles and they are really great friends. I even spoke to Michelangelo last night about what I really feel about missing my own family. And of course a tear run down my cheek. Felt kind of ashamed for that but he just gave me a smile and told me that they where my “family” now. So I would not have to be afraid of being lonely. He is right but I do miss my family. I miss talking to them about my adventures, despite the fact that I can’t tell them everything. For example I can not tell them about the turtles, despite that I do know that they would not believe me, because it would be a danger for my friends. They have been through to much already.

For example, only a couple of days ago, they where out on a nightly walk when they encountered a big bunch of purple dragons. And as usual Raphael could not stand the urge to punch some good old purple dragons. So the whole group had to fight and had a really rough time. They almost lost because they where outnumbered and as always they had some luck. Anyway I would hate to be the reason for them being in danger. It would be too much for me…"

Sarah where too much into her own thoughts to notice that she where not alone anymore. Only a couple of metres behind there where a shadow standing. He kept his eyes on her as he moved closer to her not wanting her to hear him. The shadow had been standing there enough time to notice that she where not in her best mood. In fact she seemed to be a bit down. But he did not care about it. He was there to do his job, not to act as some kind of psychologist. Silently he moved even closer and where just on his way punching her of the rooftop when she suddenly shut her book, sighed, raised and turned around. The punch hit her right in her face. Sarah stumbled a few steps back. He could see fear in her eyes. Nothing else but fear, pure old fear.
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PostSubject: Re: The diary   The diary Icon_minitimeWed Dec 19, 2007 4:44 pm

Wow that was good. I haven't read a good fanfic in a while. Can't wait for more. Very Happy
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The diary
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